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What's in YOUR Membership packet? (from the Bangor Club)



Governor's Letter

The Spring Retreat days were spent with some of the most terrific women in Zonta International. Thank you for making it such a great first year for me as governor.


Zonta Service Recognition Award 2012-2014 was established to recognize outstanding service projects undertaken by Zonta clubs and districts which benefit women in the local community. Service projects can be those projects that improve the status of women in general (legal, political, economic, educational, health and/or professional) or those projects that prevent and fight violence against women and girls. All district projects and all club project finalists submitted by the governors will be exhibited during the 2014 Zonta International Convention in Orlando, Florida, USA. A complete description of the Award, eligibility criteria and the nomination process are attached here. Club projects must be submitted to the governor by 30 December 2013.  District projects must be submitted to the International Service Committee by 10 February 2014.

Save the date:  October 25 - 27, 2013 District 1 Fall Conference in Eastern MA.  Details to be announced soon!  Win a chance for free Registration - your Club president will have the details!

Congratulations to the Lakes Region Club on their 25th Anniversary this year!

Please note that the York County Club has changed its name to:  Southern Maine Club

Zonta International Foundation is participating in The RaiseForWomen Challenge. The Challenge is a fundraising initiative to help women-focused nonprofits gain resources and recognition.  The challenge ends on 6 June 2013. To help now, please click this link: http://www.crowdrise.com/ZontaRoseChallenge and give whatever you can.  Small or large, every contribution counts!

Zonta Says No! is a major initiative this year - every club should be talking about how to participate.  Lots of ideas and links on the right column of this web page - including an invite to a webinar that will provide suggestions on publicity efforts. Also check out the zontasaysno.org website for updates, FAQs and campaign tools. Let's make this a collaborative effort!  Share your plans with me and fellow clubs.

Advocacy, Leadership Development and Membership were hot topics at the Spring Retreat as well.  Your Club President will provide additional information on these topics.



As we begin biennium 2012-2014 have you set your club goals? Do you have a strategic plan for increasing your membership? Have you discussed Fall Conference attendance and participation with your members? Will you forward this newsletter to your members? I am sure the answer to all of these questions is yes of course. If it is yes, then we are on our way to continuing Zonta’s mission throughout the world, and growing our clubs in District 1.


I would like to start in this introductory newsletter with 10 tried and true methods that have worked for other organizations, as well as refreshers to keep in mind as we look forward and work together to find those new members to keep “Growing Our Zonta Roots”: Every club should have a good mix of membership strategies for retention and to increase growth.

The start of a new Zonta year is a good time to evaluate your membership plan.

1. Exude a warm and welcoming attitude.
A warm and welcoming smile can translate into a warm and welcoming club. You as club president and your Membership Chair need to take a pro-active approach in meeting and greeting potential new members. The president, in fact, should stand at the door, and greet members and guests as they come in for your monthly meeting. It can be hard for people to walk into a roomful of people they don't know. Introduce yourself, take an interest in new guests and members who may have missed a few meetings recently. Introduce guests to other members in the room.

2. Make everything you do a "media event".

A digital cameras is so easy to use, take a picture at all your events..A guest speaker at the monthly meeting, group conference photos, new member inductions, fundraisers, service projects, community walks to support other organizations - and send it to your local newspapers. Newspapers, especially weeklies and talk radio programs, are always looking for items of local interest. Share what’s going on in your club.


3. Get to know your members.
Make sure your president, including the Membership Chair and membership committee, makes a special effort to get to know each member by name. This can be a challenge, as your group grows, but it is essential. A member needs to feel that they are a valued part of the club, regardless of how much service or volunteer hours he or she can give to each service or fundraising project. Let them know that we all give what we can, when we can. It is ok if you cannot give 100% each time. Remember we all have times in our lives that we need to scale back some of our time. An understanding and caring attitude can make a big difference.

4. Set up a club website.
People increasingly expect an organization to have a website. Online search has become the most common and easiest way to research an organization for more information. You want to ensure that you are not missing out on valuable exposure online. Setting up a club website is also a valuable resource to your members, who need to find timely club information quickly and easily.

5. Get new members involved on committees and special projects
Ensure that members are aware of what your committees are, what they do, and encourage them to get involved. A wide variety of skills and talents are needed to run a successful club, and everyone's contribution is needed. Use your club website to feature all the committees and what they do.

6. Have a membership contest!
A member who brings in a new member during the year has their name put into a hat. The drawing can be held in the spring, and the winner gets their membership dues for the coming year reduced by half! There can be various takes on this – maybe the member who brings in the most members during the year gets a free membership the following year. The key issue is that your membership grows as a result of a collaborative effort.

7. Send postcards to local businesses.
Use postcards as a promotional tool. If you see an article in your local newspaper about a new business or about a person who has a special appointment or achievement, send them a postcard with congratulations and invite them to come to a meeting. Better yet, invite them to join the club. (Remember to always be aware of membership requirements and classifications before extending invitations) Many people might believe your club is exclusive and would find it a great honor.

8. Challenge every member to bring a friend to at least one meeting per month.
Ask one guest to provide a short comment toward the end of the meeting about what they thought about the meeting. This will give you a good indication whether they are a potential member. Sometimes they'll convince themselves to join right in the middle of their comments! Just make sure to tell the guest at the beginning of the meeting that these comments will be requested at the end so the guest is not caught off-guard.

9. Make use of other organizations in your community to "spread the word" about your club Service clubs, networking organizations, and professional associations are always looking for speakers. Most municipal councils are open to presentations by local non-profit organizations. Economic development organizations often organize conferences and one-day seminars where you might have an opportunity to speak to others about your organization.

10. Retaining New and Existing Members.
A primary goal should be to retain your current members while you are attracting new members, preferably ones who are interested in taking an active role in your organization. You should undertake an inventory of your projects and services and try to determine whether or not you are meeting the needs of your actual members. Use project evaluations and committee member evaluations to assist you in this. A key to attracting new members and retaining current member interest is effective communication. I hope at least one of these will help you as you make your plans to increase and retain your membership.

Maybe you have an 11 or 12th goal you would like to share. I would be happy to hear them from you!!!